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Square Wedge Loc Flooring

Flashing sections
Fit Bin Contour

Individual flashing sections are pre punched for easy installation. The perforated galvanized flashing fits the side wall curve for maximum seal The 20 ga. (10 1/2" x 16") flashing overlaps the floor panels for peak grain conditioning
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Interlocking Components for Maximum Sealed Seams

Floor panels easily align and lock together for sturdy strength. The smooth finished seams achieved with the interlocking system allow easy floor clean-out. Floor sections rest on standard 12" high leg supports that are pre-cut for quick assembly and lock into the 20 ga. floor panels

Designed for Easy Handling

Floor sections ( 12in x 10 ft) arrive bundled for easy handling.
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Flooring is 20 gauge material Grade D galvanized. yielding 50,000 psi minimum. Fits all grain storage facilities from 14' thru 60' diameter up to 30' eave height.
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